Formula 1

Hungarian Grand Prix

Ferarri had this track figured out in qualifying this race, compared to Mercedes. It was thrilling to see record lap after record lap being set. Hamilton complained of tire vibrations in Q3 and just never could pull it completely together in the last few minutes when Vettel and Raikkonen could.

But when the race started, it was Red Bull who had the most trouble–Verstappen hit Ricciardo and took him out of the race on the opening lap. They had to release the safety car since Ricciardo’s car covered the track in fluids.

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Formula 1

British Grand Prix

It’s safe to say I’ve been slacking. It started with me going on vacation with the family in June and I just flat-out didn’t back into things as I meant to. But if I’m going to jump back into it late, at least it’s for the British GP.

Before the race, I think it’s important to note a couple of things. First, it’s weird not having this race the same weekend as the 4th of July–I always secretly thought it was a British middle finger to the chaps across the pond and this year was left wanting. Second, how awesome was it to have Alonso finish Q1 at the top of the board? I know it was a result of circumstances, but he can still drive the piss out of a car in wet conditions and I miss McLaren being a top contender.

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Formula 1

Monaco Grand Prix

Can we started with Hamilton not getting into Q3 for the first time in forever? He had the best time in free practice 1 and it fell off after that, including where it counted the most. Partly due to VanDoorne’s crash in Q2 but he usually has a strong enough qualifying time where he doesn’t need to crank out the critical lap at the very end of Q2. Then Kimi taking his first pole in 4 years. Vettel making sure Ferrari had a front row lockout.

Enjoyed hearing Alonso and Button’s exchange just before the race start. Alonso telling Button to take care of his car and Button saying he was going to pee in the seat.

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Formula 1

Spanish Grand Prix

Hamilton edged out Vettel for pole to start the race, and just barely. It was a Mercedes and Ferrari row stack with a thrilling start. Vettel got the jump on Hamilton going in to Turn 1 and took the lead… while Bottas and Raikkonen got into each other, which immediately sent Raikkonen into Verstappen. Suddenly, Ferrari and Red Bull had one car left in the race.

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Formula 1

Russian Grand Prix

Ferrari locked out the front row in qualifying for the first time in almost ten years. They’ve really proven they caught up to Mercedes and they’re here to fight. It makes for a much more interesting season than when Mercedes (or Red Bull before) just runs away with everything without having to really try.

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Ready Player One

I’ve had several people tell me to read this book and it’s been sitting in my “to be read” pile for a while. When I realized they were making it into a movie, I knew I had to move it to the top of the pile.

I’m not a huge gamer. Played plenty of video games when I was a kid–Tetris was a personal favorite, but beyond some drunken Golden Eye on the N64 in college, my adult life has not included gaming.

And of course, this book is about a massive multiplayer virtual reality simulation that people across the globe access on a daily basis because the real world had become so bleak. So, admittedly at first glance, I wasn’t sure if I’d get into it. Holy crap, am I glad I gave this book a chance.

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Formula 1

Bahrain Grand Prix

Last race here, because the FIA does whatever it wants, Bernie or no Bernie. Bottas surprised everyone with pole position, then surprised everyone again by staying in front after the first corner. Vettel, on the other hand didn’t surprise anyone when he got the jump on Hamilton and immediately started chasing down the leader. Exciting opening lap for sure.

Red Bull duked it out between each other for a bit, but Verstappen kept the pressure on Hamilton and Ricciardo waiting in the wings for any opportunity to strike. Magnussen lost his car on lap 9–more trouble for Haas once again.

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