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I’m Baaaaaack

Have you wondered where I’ve been? I know all three of you have been pining away, wondering if I’d fallen off the planet. Fear not, dear reader. It’s just been a hectic few months with some life changes. All for the better, but change is inherently disruptive.

But now that I’m slowly getting back into some form or a routine, I’ll get back to work. Book reviews will resume. I will complain about F1 when the season starts back up (holy hell, Nico retiring, Bottas going to Mercedes, Massa retiring for a whole month before he gets asked back by Williams, and F1 finally being sold making Bernie richer than he was before).

I’m even doing another shopping ban, in a sense. Different rules this time, and not because I’m totally out of control (although I had a few moments where I was), but because my new career has me starting out again, instead of being further up the food chain.

I’ll be sure to update things more regularly once again. Rejoice!

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