Formula 1

Belgian Grand Prix

picture from Wikipedia

Let’s start with thank goodness the summer break is FINALLY over! I don’t know why but waiting that out in August is worse for me than waiting between seasons. At least when Formula 1 wraps up in the fall, I have football and hockey to keep me busy. August is just a terrible sports month. Except during the Olympics, I guess.

Now does anyone else find it absolutely ridiculous for any car to take a 55 grid spot penalty for using too many engines? Especially when Mercedes just swamped things out three times so they could add engines to their supply for Hamilton?  This engine limit rule is supposed to make things “more fair” for the smaller teams yet this is a blatant loop hole for the well financed teams. It all seems a little but like bullshit, but whatever FIA. You keep making up rules that sound good but really change nothing. But if the rule is there, it was smart of Mercedes to take advantage of it.

The start was certainly interesting. Alonso and Hamilton managed to get through the first turn carnage, which is unusual when you’re in the back of the grid, but it also slingshotted them to 4th and 5th within a handful of laps, respectively. The big hits came from Vettel–turned right in to his own teammate, who then turned into Verstappen. They were both trying to blame the kid at first, but it seemed pretty evident that one was on Vettel.

Debris brought out the virtual safety car and a frenzy of tire changes.

Then poor Magnussen had a terrible crash, where it looked like the care just got loose after running over the curbs. That brought out the safety car and then the red flag because the barrier needed repairs.

Things then calmed down quite a bit–the lead stayed the same with Rosberg, Ricciardo, and then Hamilton after overtaking Alonso then Hulkenberg. Raikkonen and Vettel struggled to maintain their top 10 positions, Force India came on strong, and Alonso managed to hang out in 7th place. Williams have continued their slide with an 8th place finish from Bottas and 10th from Massa.

The major story, at least to me, was seeing Hamilton go from 21st to 3rd. The guy doesn’t know how to quit and I really appreciate that quality in a person. He did everything he could to keep the championship lead and minimize the points he gave up to Rosberg. Now he can focus on winning next week in Italy with the engine cushion he built up this weekend. All things considered, an impressive weekend.

Ahhhh, I’m SO glad racing is back.

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