Formula 1

British Grand Prix

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It’s nice to have some news from Britain that doesn’t involve made up catch phrases, like “the Brexit.” While I understand it’s a major news story and has implications across the globe, do we really have to Twitter-ize everything?

But I digress. And yes, I’m a day late. I blame a book review I’m still not finished with yet, a holiday week, and my getting ready for a vacation. I’m sure  two of you have been waiting on pins and needles to read my take on F1.

It was a lovely British summer day… with rain. So a start under the safety car. Huge advantage for Hamilton since he didn’t have to jump off the line against Rosberg. He can’t seem to get that start quite right.

Once the safety car pulled off, it was a wonderful display of Hamilton’s amazing talent for driving in wet weather conditions. And some incredible offs that many, surprisingly saved to continue racing. Others weren’t so lucky.

While Hamilton had a comfortable lead most of the way, Rosberg and Verstappen fought wheel to wheel much of the race. The passing was incredible and the fact that Verstappen refused to be intimidated by Rosberg was impressive to say the least. He proves over and over again he deserves his seat at the big boy table and announcers need to stop taking about his age. It’s simply not a factor for him.

Raikkonen once again outlived his teammate, Alonso had another tough end to a somewhat promising day, and Massa seemed to channel Maldonado a bit this round. The last bit, I hope he leaves behind for the next race.

The kicker was Rosberg’s 10 second penalty after the race, which dropped him to 3rd. I read today Mercedes no longer intends to appeal the decision, which means the gap in the championship points is down to just one.

The two exchanged no words in the room preparing to go out to the podium, while Hamilton and Verstappen seemed to have plenty of friendly banter. Mercedes threatened to enforce team orders, but of course, again, decided to continue to let them race, and Nico is watching the championship seemingly slip away from him for the 3rd year in a row. These two are not going to remain successful teammates, so it begs the already tired question–who will Mercedes keep? The gentleman racer or the raw talent star? And will Mercedes be the one to cut ties or will Rosberg leave for another team?

I see Rosberg getting more and more angry; more and more bitter; more and more entitled the more he loses his perceived grip. Like at Baku–he had the “right” to his line? Really? Even the stewards said you caused that collision. These last few years have changed my opinion of the guy considerably. I used to be fan. Now I can’t stand him. He may still be a perfectly fine person off the track, but on it, he’s a crybaby who expects everyone to fall all over themselves for him. Is it because of his dad’s legacy? I don’t know. But something’s going to give. And it will be fascinating to watch.

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