Shopping Ban: Final Report


This is my last monthly report on this little project of mine. I don’t really know what to say. I’ve learned a lot (that I’ll recap on the official last day of my ban, July 6), challenged myself, stressed out some, but overall come out with, I think, better focus on what I want my money to do for me. I’ll keep up with my tracking on a personal level… and maybe I’ll post about it now and again to keep myself honest. I’m developing quite the affinity for athleisure wear… something I never thought I’d say, but it’s also something I need to make sure I don’t overindulge.

My kids’ savings accounts are totally on track, my savings account has the highest balance it’s ever had, and I’m not floating expenses on credit cards because my checking account is empty at the end of the month anymore. To think about where I started and where I am now, it feels really good. I can still be doing more, but I’m making progress and I can continue that progress–that’s what matters.

What I spent money on:

  • Trip to Sephora to get more night cream, my Honey Sugar lip balm, and a makeup pencil sharpener, thanks to my 3-year-old breaking my old one. $84.98 on June 1.
  • A case of wine because wine makes me happy. $128.97 on June 2.
  • Babysitter for our monthly date night–this time to see Whitesnake. Don’t judge, it was awesome. $101.13 on June 3.
  • And then after 11 months of not even being tempted, I rented a movie on iTunes for the kids – Zootopia. $6.48 on June 8.
  • I went looking for a business book on Amazon… got it, plus a few others, so the whole shipment ended up being $85.66 on June 16. Not exactly on target with my goals, but I’ve already almost finished one of the books and will get through at least 2 more on my trip. Eh, I’m really just making excuses to validate breaking my own rules. I know.
  • My Tissot T Touch watch, I’ve had for years now–it lost the button that enables the touch screen. So I had to spend $54.13 to get it shipped off for an estimate on repairs. That was June 18.

10 Piece Category:

I didn’t buy anything. Weird. I thought about several things–most of which were really expensive, as some kind of present to myself but then I thought, “Why?” What difference would it really make? Something expensive would kind of defeat the whole purpose, so I didn’t buy anything.

I am going on a trip in July, so I’ll be purchasing a new swimsuit soon… maybe that can count as my reward to myself? I don’t know. All seems anti-climactic, but in a good way.

Closet Clear Out:

I didn’t try to get rid of anything else this month since I hit my mark in May.


A typical month for me with a $35 reload.


A normal month with a little extra from a quarterly distribution–half always goes into my savings account when I get extra income. It makes me feel like a responsible adult.

  • $150 to my Roth IRA
  • $1453.18 for my regular savings
  • $250 from my writing gig

YTD Summary:

  • Money Spent: 224.77$ in June, $1242.60 YTD
  • 10 Items: $0 in June, $1317.12 YTD; 1 item remaining
  • Starbucks: $35 in June; $436.28 YTD

Final Thoughts:

Well, folks. It’s over. Unofficially, it’s never over, but as far as posting about it, that’s over. I’ve learned a lot, changed a little, and learned where I want to go.  It’s hardly life or death, but there were definitely times I struggled to keep this going. And there were others where it was easier. And now I can say, most of the time, I can take a minute to analyze why I’m tempted to buy something–is it to fill a void somewhere else? If so, put it back.

It really helps to think about the things I could be DOING with my money instead of wearing it. Everything has a trade-off and now I realize what I was trading, and how it wasn’t really helping the root issues.

All this from one article I happened to read last summer. Wild.

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