Shopping Ban: Month 8 Review


I turned 36 and my son turned 3. I’m not big on Valentine’s Day but the kids had parties, so I made sure they had cards to hand out and fun things to share with their friends (seriously parents, can we please give each other’s kids something OTHER than candy?).

I’m back to being a soccer mom–my daughter has practice once a week and games on Saturdays for the 10 game spring season.

We had my son’s 3rd birthday party–fire engine themed because he thinks they’re the coolest.

This month was pretty busy and that’s a good thing because I didn’t spend a lot of time searching through Nordstrom’s, Ted Baker, Kate Spade, and others. I mean, I spent a little time on those sites, but not as much as I used to. It was nice to be distracted.

Here’s how February went:

What I spent money on:

  • Birthday Party – with decorations, food, drinks, presents (including new clothes), and cake I came in at $384 and change. My budget was $350, and since one of those presents included a tricycle and helmet, I’m okay with going slightly over budget. My little man digs his new wheels.
  • Had to also get the boy new shoes. Spent $35.72 on those and got a $5 coupon for a pair for my daughter for next month. Bam.
  • Another Fresh Sugar Honey lip balm–$25.98 spent on 2/6 and the last time I bought it was 10/3/15.
  • Running stuff–I bought some blue tooth ear buds and a fanny pack to hold my phone (I hide it under my shirt because just the word makes me cringe but the arm bands seemed like an even worse option). My phone would fall out of my pocket and I was frequently popping my ear buds out of my ears by accidentally hitting the cord with my hand. I used birthday money for the expense and spent $61.61 total.
  • It was time to renew my AWP and Shakespeare Dallas memberships. Those were $120 for two years and $90 for a year, respectively.

10 Piece Category:

This month was (mostly) unusually warm which made me think about strappy sandals for spring. After perusing the cutest options and making sure those options didn’t overlap closely with anything I already had, I decided on a pair of Ivanka Trump cobalt blue strappy heels. I dropped $146.08 on them and don’t regret it. 2 items left for my last 4 months.

Items Sold:

One more dress gone–$20 bucks in my pocket. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps.

Closet Clear Out:

Last month, I realized I should double check my spreadsheet. I was right about being off, bummer. I thought I was only 2 items away from hitting my mark, but it turns out it’s really 18. Still close and I feel like I kept myself honest by recounting.

With the revised count, I’m back to 120 things removed and a 20.4% reduction in my wardrobe. And that includes the new shoes–468 things remain.

Credit Card Payoff:

$300 paid, and what I set out to pay off in 12 months, I paid off in 8. I’m proud of that. Good bye credit card portion of the report.


One $30 reload on my card. Friday White Mochas with caramel that have as many calories as a large slice of cake are something I look forward to every week.


Birthday money and some ownership distributions added to my savings this month, so yay.

  • $150 to my Roth IRA
  • $1227.50 for my regular savings
  • $250 from my writing gig

YTD Summary:

  • Money Spent: $25.98 in February, $685.78 YTD
  • 10 Items: $146.08 in January, $1181.81 YTD; 2 items remaining
  • Items Sold: $20 in January, $213.05 YTD
  • Closet Clear Out: 468 items remain, 120 removed total (0 for this month); 20.4% total reduction.
  • Credit Card: $300 in January, $9000 YTD
  • Starbucks: $30 in February; $281.28 YTD

Final Thoughts:

In March, I want to make a conscious effort to not buy anything that’s not absolutely necessary. I’ve been a little lax in my efforts for both January and February, so I want to take a break to refocus.

I’ll distract myself by making sure I have all our taxes prepped and ready to go for my CPA because that sounds like SO much fun. It’s not. I’m totally kidding. I’d rather get more dental work, but I’m also fond of not being in jail so I’ll get it done.

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