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Happy New Year

I’m not a New Year Resolution kind of girl. Nothing wrong with them, and I think it’s great when people make a positive change in their lives but I’ve always leaned more toward if I need to make a change, I’ll just do it when I think about it. I started my shopping ban in July. I took up running in October. I stopped buying Dr. Pepper to lower my consumption sometime last spring.

I do, however, set annual goals both professionally and personally. Blame my B school background, I guess. I think it’s a good time to assess where you are, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there.

I try focus on personal and professional goals; mind, body, and spirit.

Last year I went after things like adding money to my emergency savings (did it!), consistently contributing to my Roth IRA or investment account (did it!), reading a book per month (did it!), writing goals (fail!), more frequent yoga practice (fail!), and a family vacation (did it!). Not 100%, but I made strides. Some of the falling short was because my goals weren’t defined in a way I could measure. Too subjective. I’m looking to improve on that for my 2016 goals. Others fell short because something more important came up during the year.

For 2016, I want to focus again on money, but add more fun into our lives while staying healthy. Since I’m holding back on all the shopping, there should at least be more room for fun, right?

  1. Add at least $13,000 to my savings by year end.
  2. Continue shopping ban through 7/6/2016 and report monthly.
  3. Yoga: Add one additional weekly home practice to my routine.
  4. Run twice a week; get to where I can run two miles without stopping to walk.
  5. Monthly date night with my husband. We’re bad about remembering to go be adults without kids once in a while.
  6. Home improvements: AC/heating system tune up, replace faucets (sink/bath/shower–they have to match, after all) throughout the house, window replacements, and tackle this not-so-awesome water leak by our back door.
  7. Keep reading at least one book per month.
  8. Get published in one new outlet this year.
  9. Buddhism: I dabbled and read a few things here and there last year. This year, I want to have the 4 Noble Truths, the 8 Fold Path, and the 5 Precepts committed to memory.
  10. We’re taking a big family trip thanks to the generosity of my grandparents this summer, so I want to go on a long weekend trip early in the summer to someplace we’ve never been.

That’s my 2016 plan in a nutshell. Normally, I print them off and tape them into the front cover of my financial notebook. I suppose having them here is just as good a reminder.

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