Formula 1

Singapore Quali

Normally, I stick to one recap of the F1 weekend but this was too crazy to wait.

First, Alexander Rossi now has F1 qualifying experience. One of Haas’ ploys to say they’re not after him is now gone. I guess it helps that Manor uses Ferrari engines? Practice didn’t go so well for him, but he qualified cleanly and I’m really looking forward to seeing him race tomorrow.

Second, for two days straight everyone wondered if Mercedes was playing the ultimate sandbagging game. With P5 for Hamilton and P6 for Rosberg, I’d say their troubles at this track are real. In one night, two 20 plus year old records remain in tact and Hamilton’s hopes of catching Senna’s 41 wins in 161 starts is of serious concern. I know he says he’s not trying to think about tying that record, but as Senna is his personal hero, we all know he is.

But now he has to start over to match those 8 consecutive poll positions Senna grabbed. And Mercedes has to start over to match the 24 front row starts as Williams had.

So big race coming up. Can’t wait to recap it.

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