Formula 1

Hungarian GP

Well that was a bit surprising. I can’t say I’ve ever watched a more chaotic and unexpected race in recent years. It was full of passion, as everyone was driving for Jules and I thought that part was incredibly touching. But when emotions run high, mistakes happen.

Here’s what drove me mad:

Hamilton’s start. It was terrible. Combine that with both Ferraris having incredible starts, Hamilton fighting too hard and too early with Nico, it’s a wonder he only fell to 10th instead of being slapped with a DNF. There were a couple of times in the race I feared it was imminent.

Massa out of place on the grid in the original start? Come on. You’re not a rookie–you’re one of the most experienced guys on the grid. Get your head on straight, man.

Hulkenberg’s wing falling off. He’s such an underrated driver and it’s crap like that which continues to plague his chances of ever getting a seat with a top tier team.

The insane number of driver incidents that had to be reviewed by the stewards. 5 second penalties here, a drive through there, no further action on yet another incident–unless you have a rulebook sitting in front of you during a race, it can seem quite arbitrary on how rules are enforced. There were even a few instances where the commenters had to discuss to get it straight.

Kimi’s MGU-K taking a nose dive. He’s supposedly fighting to keep his seat and that’s what happens? He was coasting away with a 2nd place finish, Ferrari’s first 1-2 finish in years and it’s taken away in the closing laps. I did, however, call them shutting the car down in the box as a restart effort to get the system back on line before the announcers. My husband will vouch for my claim.

Pastor Maldonado–that guy needs to go to NASCAR. It would suit his driving style much better. He’s got a long history of being right in the middle of race incidents and today was no exception. How does the guy continue to buy his way into drives?

Here are the great bits:

McLaren Honda: both cars finished the race and both cars finished in the points. For such a famed partnership, this season has been nothing short of embarrassing. I was happy for them to have some long awaited success.

Ricciardo on the podium. Is there anyone in the racing world who doesn’t like this guy? He drives hard, he’s smart about, and any time you talk to him he’s just happy to be racing. If you never saw his interview on Top Gear, I highly recommend it. Dude’s got skills.

I’m even a bit excited for Kvyat–his first podium and a true story of being brought up to the big team because he earned it while driving for the junior team story.

And while I got on to Hamilton for his start and his rubbish mistakes, he really pulled it through in the end. Drive through penalty, needing a new wing, and being way out of the points for quite some time, it would have been easy to give up. But he fought hard and passed Massa (twice) and that’s no small task. Those two have a lengthy history and it’s not quite friendly on the track.


There were so many sports in the race where I held my breath, convinced another crash would happen. Everyone was aggressive this race and it made for a great race, even though it didn’t turn out with my driver on the podium (I’m an unapologetic Hamilton fan since his rookie season in 2007 where he was robbed of the Championship). It made up for having to wait three weeks between races, thanks to the late cancellation of the German GP, but I’m not sure it will hold me over for another 3 weeks until Spa. Ferrari has really come along the past couple races, and Williams seems to be tapering off. Mercedes better get their heads together over this break–they don’t have the runaway advantage they had last year. Lewis and Nico have to do more than fight with each other now and Ferrari has proved it.

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