The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



AKA, my shopping Kryptonite.

This massive fall preview sale starts for the non-Nordstrom card holders today, and I fall in that category. If I had a Nordstrom card I know I’d over use it, so I just don’t give myself the temptation.

This will be my first true test of will power for my shopping ban. I’m a little sadistic so I’ve gone through and made a wish list of the stuff I’d like to buy from the sale this year already. Luckily, the really pretty leather skirt is sold out in my size. Ha!

I came up with a final total of $793.30 in stuff I am very tempted to buy. But it’s such a good deal–normally I’d pay $1210.95 for all that! It’s 34% off! What savings! And that’s exactly the mentality that will get me in trouble.

So let me sit here and think about what I’d really be doing. I’d be spending over $800 (after tax) on 1 coat, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of black heels, 3 dresses of various sleeve length, and 1 pair of skinny jeans. Most of which I couldn’t even wear for at least 3 months because it’s too damn hot in Texas. So they’d sit in my closet, collect dust, and when the weather finally cools enough to wear these “bargains” I’d probably forget about a few of them and not wear at all.

It’s Nordstrom marketing genius–limited quantities, biggest sale of the year, early access with their store credit card for the best selection, etc., etc. Buy now before it’s gone! I’m a marketing person–I should know better than to fall for these tricks, and yet here I am, struggling to fight the urge to buy.

This is not a knock against Nordstrom–in fact quite the opposite. I find their marketing and customer service top notch. This about my need to shift my thinking. To get away from that instant gratification that’s so fleeting and only leads to wanting more instant gratification. I don’t NEED clothes or shoes or accessories of any kind–with close to 600 items in my closet pre-purge, I shouldn’t NEED anything for a very long time. There’s no way I’ll wear any of it out and even if that does happen, odds are I have something pretty similar already hanging right next to my imaginary worn out piece.

What I need is to refocus my wallet on my long term goals and start weighing the choice to buy now or to be more careful in my shopping considerations. I should stop looking at the one shopping instance but all of them as a group for impact. $300 for one shopping trip may not be that bad, but when there are 12 of those, $3600 becomes a more impactful number. That’s a pretty cool week-long family vacation. That’s a big chunk toward a new A/C System (ours is 13 years old–we’re going to have to replace it sooner rather than later. Just please don’t die in the summer. Please.).

So what it boils down to is instead of taking care of real needs, I ended up with stuff that I don’t use all that often. And that feels like a waste to me now. That’s what I’m going to keep in mind when I work to not buy anything during my usual annual shopping binge.

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